Customer Connect FAQ


Features and Benefits of Customer Connect

What are the features & benefits of Customer Connect?

  • 24 hour service – The system allows order placement and status checking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Order Acknowledgement– You will receive an email/fax acknowledgement at 6:00PM CST the day of order placement
  • Track & Trace – Through links to our carriers’ websites, you can trace your order on line and check the delivery status
  • User friendly e-retail interface – Easy product search functionality, intuitive shopping cart and checkout features, and quick reordering capabilities
  • Shopping Templates – Customer can create their own personalized shopping templates

Login and Password Information

How do I obtain a login ID and password?
If you are a current HBF customer, contact your Customer Service Specialist.

What do I do if I forget my user name?
Your user name is your email address.

What do I do if I forget my password?
On the log on page click the ”Forgot your password?” link. Call your Customer Service Specialist to obtain your Company ID (Customer Account number).

How do I change my password?
After signing in to the Customer Connect, choose My Account, and select Change Password.

General Questions

How are products listed in my Standard Template?
The Standard template contains a list of all products that have pricing set up for your company.

What if I only want a sample of a product?
We occasionally provide samples of our products to our customers. For more information contact your Sales Representative.

Why do I have to add a Purchase Order # (PO #)?
A PO# is required by the system to assist you in order tracking either on-line or through Customer Service. For your convenience, we recommend a unique PO identifier for every order.

Can I use a credit card to place my order?
Yes, only for preapproved customers, select "Credit Card Payment" on the check-out page.

Why can’t I see the freight amount on my order right away?
Freight costs are calculated by our order processing system at the time of invoicing and therefore will appear on your invoice.

How can I select a specific freight carrier?
For prepaid or prepaid & add orders, we will select the carrier. For orders that ship collect please contact your Customer Service Specialist. The Customer Service Specialist can tie the freight carrier to the product so every time you order that product it will ship collect on the same carrier.

What is my order confirmation number?
This is the Sales Order number, which is displayed after you click on Buy Now. Use this number to reference your order when calling our Customer Service group.

What if I make a mistake or I want to make a change to my order?
Call your Customer Service Specialist.

How does Customer Connect define open vs. closed orders?
Go to My Order’s – In Process indicates the order is open and has not shipped. Completed indicates the order has shipped.

How do I view MSDS or TDS documentation for a specific product?
Click on Contact Us at the bottom of Customer Connect and you will see a link to request an MSDS. Please call your Customer Service Specialist for a copy of a TDS.

How soon can I expect a response to the e-mail I sent?
We will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours of your request.

How can I provide feedback regarding the Customer Connect site?
Please use the form in the Contact Us section.

How can I search for and view the status of my order?

Order Searching:

  • Click on My Orders in the upper right hand corner. You can search for your order by using the search function. Click on the down arrow next to Order ID and select Purchase Order. Enter your purchase order number and click on Search.

Order Tracking:

  • If the sales order has a status of ‘Completed’, you can click on it to go into the order. Tracking information will be displayed in the Products section. Click on the carrier to navigate to their website. Your Customer Service Specialist can also help to track your order.

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