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Employee Engagement - Employee Volunteerism

Posted 08/02/2017 by Anna Bosak, Community Affairs Specialist

Skills-Based Employee Volunteerism and Employee Engagement

Workplace support of employee volunteerism can be a powerful tool for positive community impact and employee engagement. When volunteer efforts are connected to specialized employee skills and are truly led by employees themselves, the results – for both the community and employees – can be impressive.
More than a decade ago, a small group of H.B. Fuller employees from our Willow Lake headquarters wanted to connect with local schools and share their passion for their work. They began visiting science classes at White Bear Lake Area High School in 2005, introducing students to adhesives, leading hands-on experiments, and connecting the scientific concepts students studied to real world applications and careers.
The positive impact of these employee visits on students was clear, and over the years, this employee volunteerism initiative has expanded to serve all ninth grade students at White Bear Lake Area High School. This May, five employees returned for the 13th year of the “glue lab” partnership.
Steve Jorissen, one of the leaders of the project, shared, “When the students realize they are running a lab that is also done by industrial chemists, that is a big eye opener for them. I really appreciate when the students ask questions and are truly curious about what we are doing. At that point, I feel we are reaching some students who may pursue an education and career in a STEM field.”
In creating the “glue lab” program, H.B. Fuller employees took the initiative to volunteer their time and leverage their skills to positively impact students in their community. Not only do employee volunteerism efforts like these strengthen communities, skills-based volunteerism has also been found to improve employee engagement, morale, and productivity. We are proud of the commitment of our employees to giving back, in our headquarter’s community and around the world.
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